Discernment and the pleasant ways of the Lord

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Isaiah Chapter 17 verses 10 and 11 read as follows from the New King James version of the Bible:

10 Because you have forgotten the God of your salvation,
And have not been mindful of the Rock of your stronghold,
Therefore you will plant pleasant plants
And set out foreign seedlings;
11 In the day you will make your plant to grow,
And in the morning you will make your seed to flourish;
But the harvest will be a heap of ruins
In the day of grief and desperate sorrow.

The implication in these verses are that things may be starting out as pleasant and will continue this way if attention is paid to the ways of the Lord.

This is a useful passage from the Bible for personal discernment.

It speaks of "your plant" in verse 11 which could represent your own gifts, talents, wants, plans and desires.

In verse 11 is speaks of flourishing in the morning representing prosperity, pleasantness, and vibrancy, where things are taking hold and holding on.

In general, most people would prefer to flourish, prosper, bring better plans to fruition and have things humming along pleasantly.

According to these verses, the ebb and flow of this may change depending on whether your mind is staying upon the Lord or drifting away from the Lord and not paying attention to the Lord in though and in though the means provided of prayer and meditation on keeping in touch with the Lord.

There might be a drop off on the way things are doing if you are praying that much less, and to get things back going well, you may need to pray more and more effectively.

Essentially this is just another keen set of verses from the Bible which are giving the personal call to keep the relationship with the Lord close.

While people may be involved is situations, tasks, personal walks that vary widely, the essential call is to remain close to the Lord is your own unique way with a pretty good effort and push towards this and routing through the standard means available of doing that.

In verse 10 it say, "And set out foreign seedlings". This could refer to venturing out in new and unfamiliar territory, which the Lord can also bring forth as favorable and pleasant.

. So for example if you are traveling to unfamiliar ports, or an area of the world that you are not familiar with, you yourself cannot easily craft your way do to lack of familiarity.

The Lord provisions around "foreign seedlings", or that which is really new to you, can also be along the lines of pleasant and flourishing.

The contrast within these sets of verses is that those who are paying attention to the Lord and see the Lord as their stronghold even within "foreign pursuits "are crafting the better way than those who create strongholds of their own self reliance such as wealth, power, prestige that they think they can just ride with and even if the Lord was consulted at the beginning, the charade might be that they figure now I have it made and I can take it from here on my own and goodbye.

A regular day type example of this is someone who is suddenly rich, famous and successful and they forget their old friends that were with them earlier on and maybe cast them aside..

Another important aspect of this is being able to trust the Lord in coming through for you in something new, unfamiliar or that you are trying out, whether it be a new way of thinking, trying a new sport, obby, career, relationship, or living in a new city or country and so on.

This would all represent planting "foreign seeds" which you can do, staying mindful of the Lord and not looking for any additional stronghold in your thinking other than the Lord and the Lord can b ring this new pursuit as well into realms of flourishing mentioned here in these verses.

Another major point for discernment within these key verses in Isaiah is that the new, untried and unfamiliar can be sought out and possibly go very pleasantly with the help and grace of the Lord who should be sought at all points familiar but also will be with you for the good in the new and unfamiliar realms that you may encounter.

The Lord can be trusted to come through for you in new and previously unknown ventures if it is for the better and best and as you roam about the Lord's presence for goodness and blessings will remain with you as your stronghold.

If you are not flourishing or prospering in the new venture, you can check with the Lord and keep mindful of his leadings possibly to new and better other things, but it is not necessarily wrong to go into pursuits that do represent "foreign seeds" and the Lord is capable of blessing here in the familiar or there in the quite unfamiliar and this is part of the discernment in building and maintaining trust in the ever present hand of the Lord in your ways and dealings.

For example, you can commune with the Lord in prayer and mediation in a new church, new surroundings in nature and so on.

In terms of prayer specifically, you can thank the Lord in advance for the way things will unfold  pleasantly and will flourish within the day and this is a way of acknowledging that the Lord will reveal himself in the concrete happenings of your day as you continually discern his presence to you.





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Discernment and the pleasant ways of the Lord

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This article was published on 2010/12/09