Have Complete Confidence In The Lord – Part 2

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Having complete confidence in the Lord involves waiting upon Him, patiently. The Living Bible tells us in Isaiah 30:15, "For the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel, says, "Only in returning to me and waiting for me will you be saved; in quietness and confidence is your strength; but you will have none of this".

In the verse quoted above, like the Israelites, we sometimes refuse to wait upon the Lord and trust confidently in Him. We want to do things in our own way and in our own strength. We must not feel pressured about situations facing us, but trust God completelythat He will show up for us. When faced with a question or problem in life, there is nothing wrong with waiting. If we are confident that we are living righteously for the Lord, the best thing to do is wait for the Lord.

Unfortunately for most people, waiting is the most difficult thing to do. Sometimes, we think that God does not move fast enough. We must remember that God is God. He is never late and He is never too early. This is why complete confidence in the Lord isvery important. When you trust and believe that the Lord will take care of you, you can gain the patience necessary to wait upon Him.

The Psalmist says in Psalm 27:3, "Though an army besiege me, my heart will not fear; though war break out against me, even then will I be confident". King David, the Psalmist, placed his whole confidencein the Lord. He expected the Lordto rescue him from the hands of his enemies. David also expected to see the goodness of the Lordin the land of the living. He knew that God was his only hope, even right from his childhood.

David also says in Psalm 71:6, "From birth, I have relied on you; you brought me forth from my mother's womb. I will ever praise you". He had a good relationship with the Lord and he was after God's heart. He understood that confidence plus praise is equal to VICTORY. If you believe that the Lord is your confidence, He will keep your foot from being snared. Do notthrow away your confidence, no matter what happens because the Lord is with you always.

Child of God, I encourage you to place your complete confidencein the Lord. If you do this, you can never go wrong because the Lord will always look out for you. Always say with confidence that the Lord is your Helperand do not be afraid of anything that mere man can do to you. I pray that God Himself will give you grace to put your confidence in Him alone.

Always remember this powerful scripture from the Word of God. " Do not trust a neighbour; put no confidence in a friend. Even with her who lies in your embrace, be careful with your words. As for me, I watch in hope for the Lord, I wait for God my Saviour; my God will hear me". Micah 7: verses 5 and 7.

The Word of God is always true and we should stand on it, without doubting, all the time.



If you have not already committed your life to Jesus and you would like to do so now, please pray this prayer:

"Lord Jesus, I am sorry for all the things I have done wrong. Thank you for dying for me on the cross, to set me free from my sins. I ask you to come into my life as my personal Lord and Saviour, and fill me with the Holy Spirit. Thank you Lord Jesus. Amen."

Congratulations, if you have prayed this prayer. Please look for a Bible-believing church, to fellowship with the brethren. Please do not hesitate to contact me, if I can be of any assistance to you. Remain blessed and enjoy the presence of the Lord.




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Have Complete Confidence In The Lord – Part 2

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This article was published on 2010/10/01