Lord Krishna Ends the Recession!

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Here's why Vishnupathi is absolutely crucial for you:

Did you know that there is a time capsule (around 9 hours), which is unique and helps you fulfill your monetary dreams! You get only 4 solid chances to take advantage of this or else the moment is gone forever!

There are ancient strategies and techniques behind "Vishnupathi" which helps increase your financial gains

Vishnupathi is a divine time capsule comprising just 9 hours, when miracles will take place! Aug 17th is that miraculous day. You can get ONLY four such rare opportunities, so grab some abundant merit to balance your karmic sheet! You will be in awe to know that even celestials eagerly wait for this time period to realize the unlimited merit. Vishnupathi is undoubtedly the perfect time for charity, feeding, rituals, poojas, Tarpanam (ancestral rituals), and even singing the praise of Lord!

The rituals conducted on the eleventh moon day / "Ekadasi" turn to be the most powerful. As per the sayings of the great seers, conducting poojas on the Vishnupathi day is equivalent to performing "Ekadasi poojas" for several years together!!!

Raise Your Energy Quotient on Krishna's B'day

Vishnupathi falls on Aug 13th, 2009, acting as a perfect precursor for attaining unlimited energy and novelty.

Lord Krishna, one of the most powerful incarnations of Lord Maha Vishnu depicts "fun and adventure". His spontaneous and divine knowledge preached to Arjuna is popularly known as the 'Bhagavad Gita' (a sacred scripture of Hinduism), represents the symbol of hope, guiding millions of humans across several yugas or Vedic time periods. Lord Krishna was born on the eighth moon phase / ashtami of the Indian almanac "Shravana". Krishna was indeed an absolute incarnation, and possessed all the characteristics that "The God" should.

Lord Krishna is rendered in various perspectives: "a child god, a prankster, a model lover, a divine hero and the Supreme Being". He is indeed the perfect symbol for fun, love and adventure, the best preacher of the Great Gita! He is the Spider Man of the Modern world!

Here's what you can do, to keep away from financial constraints as stated from the vedas

You should feed the poor kids and practice charity. Lord Krishna loves children , and thereby bestows them with grace, whoever showers affection towards Children! The two events present the right opportunity to enhance your prosperity and happy living.

On the Vishnupathi day, you can chant prosperity mantras prescribed by Sri Dattatreya Siva Baba to regulate your money karma for abundant prosperity. You could also offer prayers to your ancestors, so that they bless you with all the good things possible in life.

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Astroved.com actually performs these rituals on location in India. They have chosen three Vishnu shrines, which are special for Lord Krishna, and also have organized butter offering rituals to the Lord (his most favorite eatable). Lord Krishna blesses those with abundance of prosperity that performs these rituals.

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Lord Krishna Ends the Recession!

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This article was published on 2010/03/29