Peg your hopes with the Lord

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Isaiah 22  reads as follows from the NIV version of the Bible:

25 In that day,' says the LORD of hosts, ‘the peg that is fastened in the secure place will be removed and be cut down and fall, and the burden that was on it will be cut off; for the LORD has spoken.'"

People tend to look for that secure spot, but sadly it may not actually hold and that spot becomes just like a mirage and a mirage, giving promise from the distance but as you close in to the center, the promise disappears into thin air.

This tends to be a state of mind, a drift in thinking that gets very strong, and I need this, once I have this situation, this state of affairs, I am relatively set and the sailing will be smooth from there.

This degree will mint my path years yonder. If I get with this corporation, everything else with follow.  Or if I can get to this level, work this many hours, I can establish and new base.

What is really going on here, is a bit of a misunderstanding of personal gifts from the Lord. Gifts are given to be used, but you don't want to totally hang your hat on this gift or that gift including the gift to say make money, to be persistent, which if it is taken to far, becomes a false secure spot, a false peg that seems like a personal stronghold but it actually forming into a burden that needs to be lifted by the Lord

In unplugging that secure spot, the Lord is actually getting rid of a burden for you, although while holding so tightly to the secure spot, you can't quite see that it is a burden.

These are really " hidden burdens" under the false glitter of security and like a false prosperity.

This is one of the lessons of this verse

There needs to be a discernment that the unfastening, might be actually in your favor and what seemed secure to you was underneath it all a real burden that the Lord can set you free from.

So maybe you had lots of guaranteed outcomes with this path, but it was drowning you spiritually.

Or this gift was causing you to lose sight of the giver who has abundant and far reaching gifts free and clear of this so called secure spot.

In other passages in Isaiah, the people saw Egypt, which at that time had abundance wealth and worldly power as the place to go.

Dorothy was looking for that secure spot and thought it might be found in Oz. Yes she did have friends all along the way, personal angels

Even Oz did not secure a trip back to Kansas for Dorothy. There was no real secure spot on her path, even though there was rising hope as you approached Emerald City and there would be contrasting to her prior difficulties.

The culmination of everything that Dorothy went through was simple; she always had the power within herself to go home to Kansas.

The metaphor there has some similarities to this passage in Isaiah, people go through so much seeking security or whatever, and right from the get go, from day one, they had the ability within themselves to consult the Lord and dialogue with him in prayer then and at all points upcoming.

The other things were tending into a charade or mirage as far as anything to peg your hopes on.

What this verse reveals is that the power of prayer is not dependent, on being advanced into any additional and greater position or rank, or getting a more secure spot on the beach so to speak.

In the roomy world of prayer, there is plenty of room for you to get through right from the get go and get with the power and might of the Lord and this goes not only for you but also going into the outer realms of intercession for the greater world and even the future world

The reach of prayer and the dialogue of the Lord are incredible. At the same time, the discernment can be, what is some of what I am trying to do and achieve, in terms of seeming security, that is really a burden, a burden in terms of desire, in terms of need, and something that in truth you need to be freed of to get to that place of light burdens and easy yokes spoken of in the gospels.

It could be a material thing I want that is a burden, it could be an idea about things I hold that is a burden, and it could be an approach that is seemingly good and all out I have that is a burden. Ask the Lord to help you discern where you are pegging false hopes and to lift the burdens from your life that are interfering with things.

What this verse reveals, is that these burdens are found in things that at first look seem like the secure route, but underneath and on the edges the real truth is that this is a burden and you are better off free and clear of this.

This may or nay not be true in any given instance in any given pursuit, but yes the possibility is there that correction needs to be made and burdens lifted  from what you thought was most improbable to be defined as burdensome.

In reality you have insecure secure spots from the Lord's perspective and there is the need to be alert to that possibility and to be able to move with the lead of the Spirit in sometimes unexpected ways and into unexpected paths, that don't always fit around your prior thinking or what is deemed conventional for you.

Ask the Lord to reveal the burdens in your life and to help deal with them, knowing that what you have thought and what you deemed secure may also be a part of the burdensome paths that the Lord wishes to lead you from.





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Peg your hopes with the Lord

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This article was published on 2011/01/07