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The Lord Bao's memorial temple was built in the fourth year after his death. The Lord Bao's park was built at the core of the historical and cultural district was formed in the mid-Ming, and has a history of about 500 years.
I have said a lot about Bao Zheng, I think you are very dreaming to there. As a saying goes, seeing is believing. So today I will introduce you the solemn place.
Then let us begin our visit. There is a river in the park, called the BaoHe river. It is said that the fish in this river has the black back, people all say that it symbolized the Lord Bao's uprightness.

In front of the river there is a temple which is surrounded by the white walls. That is the famous Lord Bao's memorial temple. Into the gate, we can see a square courtyard. This is the typical Hui style architecture. In the middle of the temple there is a big bronze statue of Bao Zheng, three meters in high and 2.5 tons in weight. On both sides of the statue are the four people, WangChao, MaHan, ZhangLong, and ZhaoHu. They are all the safeguards. Then there are three choppers shaped liked the dragon, the tiger, and the dog laid beside. They were used according to the statue Of those condemned. In the east and the west halls, there are also a lot of printings on the walls depicting the stories of the Lord Bao. Then let us move on to the east of the memorial temple, there is a well, called LianQuan. It is said that when the corrupt officials drink the water from the well, their heads will split.

Out of the memorial temple, then wail along the BaoHe river, we can see a red walls and black tiles. That is the Lord Bao's tomb. It covers an area of 3 hectares, the building follow the architecture style of Song Dynasty. Enter the gate, we will see the big screen wall firstly. Then walking through the door of the god, eat foot on yhe road we can reach the ancestral hall. The hall is a wooden structure.

Walking down the steps, you should be careful. In the tomb chamber, there is a coffin made of golden Nanmu in which Bao Zheng's remains are kept. In the center of the tomb chamber there is a monument which inscribed with the stories about the Lord Bao. There you can see many flower stone, its shape just like the lotus. They are mysterious. You can see that there are many small holes hidden in these stone flowers. They are used to make the air clean and freshed.

After we get out of the tomb chamber we can soon arrive at the QingFeng pavilion. It was built in honor of the Lord Bao's birth for 1,000 years. It aims to advocate Lord Bao's good moral. When we climb to the top of the pavilion, we can see the whole scenery of the park. We can see an village like an island. It is called "Fu Zhuang"because it is floating on the water.

Now I will give you the price list, you can briefly know it.

The Lord Bao's Park (including the memorial temple, including the cemetery, Qingfeng pavilion, floating village)
Tickets - 50 yuan / person
1.2 - 1.4 m child ticket - 25 yuan / person
Children over 1.4 meters - block

Memorial temple
Tickets - 20 yuan / person
1.2 - 1.4 m child ticket - 10 yuan / person
Children over 1.4 meters - block

Bao cemetery (including Qingfeng pavilion)
Tickets - 35 yuan / person
1.2 - 1.4 m child ticket - 17 yuan / person
Children over 1.4 meters - block

Floating village
Admission - 5 yuan / person
Children over 1.4 meters - block

1.The Lord Bao's park tickets, including memorial temple, including the cemetery, Qingfeng pavilion, floating village, summer 17:00 sale, Winter sale at 16:30.
2.1.2 m children free of charge.
3. the province over 60 years old certificates free of charge.
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The Lord Bao's Park

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This article was published on 2010/12/03