The Smiles Of The Lord

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The Smiles Of The Lord

We are the smiles of the Lord what ever we do and where ever we are.

Each bit of our activity is a smile of the Lord.

The Divine smile is protecting us all the time.

Each of our thoughts is a smile of the Lord.


In the kingdom of the Lord there are no sorrows and griefs,only smiles.

We should realise the Divine powers within and develop occult powers.

Being the children of the Divine we are all blissful,peaceful,pure and perfect.

All our thoughts and activities should be sacrificed to the Lord.


We are the messengers of the Lord.

He always gives all His smiles to each bit of our thoughts,words and deeds.

He knows no failure and always bless us to be successful.

He pours on us all His powers smilingly so that we can overcome all obstacles.


Knowing this we should work sincerely,perfectly,lovingly and with all smiles.

There should be no dejection and fatigue in our lives.

We are carrying on the will of the Lord.

We are like instruments in Lord's hands.


Lord always wants to tune us perfectly.

We should attune ourselves to those tunings and work with sincereity and dedication.

Ever remembering the Lord we can make our lives beautiful.

We can bring more smiles in to our lives and impart the same to others.


Lord's creations make us to remain always contented and happy.

We are the possesor of those creations.

We have the full liberty to enjoy the treasures of the Lord.

He is always with us and taking us forward to reach our goals.


All these frustrations,agony and despairs are illusory.

Our angers,irritations and mental anguish are all smiles of the Lord.

In each bit of our activity the smiles of the Lord should be fructified.

Being the Diviner beings we should bring glory to our family,society and organization.


The entire universe is incessantly active obeying the system of the Lord.

Where ever we look we find the silent Divine smiles.

This is a calm and smiling universe.

Fulfilling ourselves with all smiles till the last we should work intelligently and perfectly.


We are free birds in the Divine sky.

We should understand this concept and free ourselves from all bondage.

Understanding the powers within and having command upon outside forces we should move.

The Divine smile will fill us with all positivities and take us to greater heights.


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The Smiles Of The Lord

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This article was published on 2010/12/26