The Temple

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The Temple

We have the greatest and the most sacred temple in the world.

Our brain is the best temple of all the temples.

We should visit it all the time to lead a good life.

It is the most sacred part of an individual and should be cartefully dealt.


In the temple called brain the Lord of Fire is worshipped.

The Lord of Fire has tremendous power and potency.

He melts each thought we think and remove the impurities from it.

Thus the thoughts are purified and give us our direction.


Even our body parts are also nourished by the Lord.

The Lord of Fire sends his power to all the body parts.

Body parts are rejuvenated and we feel fresh always.

The mind and the intellect are ignited and produce astounding results.


Each thought is melted and converted in to gold in due course.

so each individual is a resorvoir of a vast resource.

The thoughts he thinks can bring him a lot of treasure.

Thinking this he should work better and live brighter.


Lord Fire takes care of the individual all the time.

He wants him to remain calm and be perfect in all areas of life.

He gives his power to him so as to enable him to succeed in the battle of life.

The man being fuelled by the Lord Fire goes to a greater height.


So the thoughts should not disturb us,we should take the help of Lord Fire.

By his power the thoughts will be converted in to gold.

This is the process by which pure gold comes out ,when impure gold is melted.

In the simillar manner we should bring out pure and perfect thoughts from all our thought processes.


We will be better and finer individuals with thoughts of diamond and gold.

By applying those thoughts in any field of life we can excel and have a safe drive.

Let us be passionate and take care of each thought applying the power of Lord Fire.

By that we can be better and richer individuals.


No thought can harm us,rather from moment to moment each thought will transform us.

Each thought will be transformed from moment to moment until it is converted in to gold.

Thus we will have all our dreams and hopes fulfilled and lead a better life.

Lord Fire will protect us from all negetivities and always ignite us to remain fresh and alive.

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The Temple

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This article was published on 2010/09/14